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Use Kubecost to monitor EKS-Anywhere costs

3 minute read

We are proud to announce that Kubecost is an EKS Anywhere Launch Partner. AWS EKS customers can now use Kubecost to achieve unified cost monitoring across th...

The Guide to Kubernetes Labels

10 minute read

Using metadata tags attached to different resources and objects is a must-have requirement for any Kubernetes (K8s) environment. Kubernetes labels allow DevO...

A guide to spot-readiness in Kubernetes

5 minute read

Using spot nodes in your Kubernetes cluster can be intimidating due to their lack of availability guarantees. Kubecost’s Spot-Readiness Checklist is here to ...

A Guide to Kubernetes Chargeback

11 minute read

Implementing an effective Kubernetes chargeback model is particularly challenging—compared to other IT infrastructure types, since Kubernetes is an inherentl...

On-Premise Kubernetes Cost Monitoring

12 minute read

With the power of automated orchestration, Kubernetes (a.k.a, K8s) has solved many of the complex container management problems administrators faced and unle...

Real-time Kubernetes cost management alerts

9 minute read

Engineering teams can scale their Kubernetes costs and burn their budget with the same ease by which they scale their infrastructure. Thanks to Kubecost real...

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