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Kubecost is proud to announce a partnership with SIGHUP, a leading European technology and innovation company. SIGHUP offers a suite of Kubernetes products and services that helps empower businesses with cloud native and infrastructure automation solutions, including Fury, their CNCF certified Kubernetes distribution.

The Kubecost Partner Program enables a select group of global partners to help businesses successfully monitor and optimize their Kubernetes deployments. Together, SIGHUP and Kubecost will deliver next-generation Kubernetes monitoring to European customers through the deployment of Kubecost Enterprise.

Kubernetes visibility

Kubecost has been deployed by more than 5,000 organizations and manages more than $2 billion in Kubernetes spending. Built on Kubecost’s core open source technology, Kubecost Enterprise provides real-time cost visibility and insights for teams using Kubernetes, while ultimately helping organizations continuously reduce their cloud costs. Additionally, Kubecost helps breakdown costs by any Kubernetes concepts, including deployment, service, namespace label, and more. An organization’s development team can now view costs across multiple clusters in a single view or through a single API endpoint.

Why partner with SIGHUP?

SIGHUP is an Open-Source Software Vendor, focused on developing and automating enterprise-grade IT infrastructure based on Open-Source and Cloud Native technologies. “Together SIGHUP and Kubecost will help organizations accelerate the journey to Kubernetes monitoring and optimization,” said Alex Thilen, Head of Business Development for Kubecost. “We are proud to partner with SIGHUP and look forward to collaboratively providing solutions to the European market.”

SIGHUP Kubernetes Fury

The goal of SIGHUP is to enable organizations to adopt Cloud Native technologies and run mission-critical production workloads. Thanks to Kubernetes Fury Distribution and a collection of other technologies, skills, and consulting paths, the development and deployment of applications on Kubernetes can accelerate.

SIGHUP Founder, Jacopo Nardiello, stated:

“We are excited to form a partnership with Kubecost. Through this relationship, SIGHUP is able to provide our customers with an industry-leading Kubernetes monitoring and cost optimization platform; which is available across multi-cloud deployments. We believe Kubecost’s approach to Kubernetes monitoring is the way of the future and coupled with SIGHUP’s consulting services, we are excited to offer our current and future customers a way to control, optimize, and reduce the cost of their Kubernetes estate.”

If you would like to learn more about Kubecost Enterprise in Europe, please contact SIGHUP at sales@sighup.io or visit the SIGHUP website at https://www.sighup.io