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Qovery banner We are thrilled to announce that Kubecost has partnered with Qovery, the leading provider of self-service infrastructure and environment provisioning solutions. Qovery’s platform enables organizations to streamline the deployment process for infrastructure and applications, resulting in faster delivery and increased efficiency. By automating this process, engineering teams can concentrate on strategic tasks, improving overall productivity.

With Qovery’s self-service deployment, teams can effortlessly provision infrastructure, deploy applications, and manage their entire lifecycle, all from a user-friendly platform. Qovery streamlines infrastructure provisioning and deployment, making it quicker to get applications and services up and running.

Moreover, the platform simplifies infrastructure management, such as scaling, monitoring, and troubleshooting. This allows teams to quickly identify and fix issues, boosting the performance of their applications and services.

Qovery’s platform is also designed to integrate effortlessly with an array of technologies and platforms, including cloud and containerization, enabling seamless deployment with existing infrastructure and tools.

Finally, Qovery’s platform is highly secure, ensuring that teams can confidently deploy their applications and services without any concerns.

Kubernetes monitoring and reports

Kubecost’s platform provides cost monitoring and optimization for Kubernetes and cloud spend. Additionally, users can inspect their Kubernetes cost allocation at any level of granularity desired, such as namespace, deployment, pod, or any other construct.

What’s more, an organization can export Kubecost spend visualization and metrics into reports for their finance team.

Kubecost Partner Program

The Kubecost Partner Program is honored to work alongside a select group of partners from around the world. Our goal is to help enterprises successfully monitor and optimize their Kubernetes deployments. Working together, Qovery will recommend Kubecost to power customers’ understanding of their spend.

Why partner with Qovery?

Qovery is a platform delivering Environments as a Service in your cloud, where developers can build, deploy and test in production-like environments. This makes app deployment and environment provisioning on AWS a breeze. Developers can instantly spin up test environments and start shipping in moments. Plus, the integration relationship between Kubecost and AWS EKS will provide an additional tool for Qovery and its customers.

The founder of Qovery, Romaric Philogène, stated:

“We are excited to partner with Kubecost. Through this relationship, our AWS customers will have access to the industry’s best Kubernetes monitoring and cost optimization platform. Coupled with Qovery’s ability for developers to build, deploy and test in production-like environments, we will deliver exceptional value to our customers.”

The partnership between Kubecost and Qovery ensures developers have the combined power of the market leading Kubernetes cost monitoring and DevOps platforms. Together, Qovery customers will see immediate and actionable cost saving recommendations.

“We are honored to collaborate with Qovery, which helps teams easily manage Kubernetes clusters. Qovery also introduced the concept of on-demand environments, where dev teams can test code changes in isolation. The alignment of our Kubernetes monitoring and cost optimization platform, plus Qovery’s DevOps solutions, is a strong combination” said Alex Thilen, Head of Business Development for Kubecost. “We are excited to work with Qovery and look forward to providing Kubernetes monitoring solutions to their customers.”

If you would like to learn more about Kubecost Enterprise, please contact Qovery at contact@qovery.com. or visit the Qovery website at https://www.qovery.com.