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We at Kubecost have always recognized the need to provide cost visibility to users working with a variety of cloud providers. As the fourth-largest global cloud solution, Alibaba Cloud is widely adopted by infrastructure teams in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond—and teams are running into the same Kubernetes cost monitoring challenges on Alibaba as they do on other platforms. Kubecost aims to serve users regardless of their cloud providers of choice, and we are proud to announce our initial stage of cloud integration support for Alibaba Cloud.

For this beta release, Alibaba Cloud users now have access to OpenCost data metrics and visualization for their cloud costs. Integration is being supported by Alibaba’s core billing API, so Kubecost provides metrics for node and disk pricing. Node pricing through Kubecost will compare Alibaba prices for CPU/GPU/RAM usage of your Kuberenetes clusters, and disk pricing provides similar cost info for PVs. This info can then be displayed in Kubecost’s UI for easy visualization of cost metrics and monitoring of real-time spending. With this information, you can also set budgets and alerts, and create pre-defined reports for your engineering and management teams.

Kubecost Assets page aggregated by type

Those using Alibaba as their primary cloud service provider will be able to take advantage of basic Kubecost features for monitoring their cloud costs. This is part of a multi-stage effort to eventually provide full support for Alibaba Cloud. In early 2023, we hope to bring deeper support to our Alibaba integration, which will allow for comparing your cloud billing data against public pricing as part of Kubecost metrics. More features and support are expected to come over time.

For users of Alibaba Cloud interested in next steps, follow our guide for integration here.