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We are delighted to announce that SmartX Top Cloud, a leading Israeli provider of cloud solutions, has become an official reseller partner of Kubecost, the industry-leading Kubernetes cost management platform. This strategic partnership brings together two innovative companies dedicated to helping organizations optimize their Kubernetes deployment and maximize the value of their cloud investments.

As businesses increasingly adopt cloud technologies, the need for effective cost management solutions has become crucial. Kubecost has established itself as a market leader in providing comprehensive kubernetes cost visibility and optimization capabilities. Our platform enables businesses to track, allocate, and predict Kubernetes costs, empowering them to make data-driven decisions and optimize resource utilization.

SmartX Top Cloud has built a reputation for representing the top of the innovative cloud solutions in Israel to organizations across various industries. By joining forces with Kubecost as an official partner, SmartX Top Cloud can now offer their customers a holistic cloud cost management solution, enhancing the value they bring to their customers’ cloud journeys.

Key benefits of this partnership

1. Comprehensive cloud cost management

SmartX Top Cloud can now offer the Israeli market access to Kubecost’s advanced Kubernetes management platform, gaining valuable insights into their cloud spending and optimizing costs across their infrastructure.

2. Streamlined cloud operations

With Kubecost’s real-time cost visibility and allocation capabilities, organizations can efficiently track and manage their kubernetes costs, ensuring transparency and accountability.

3. Data-driven decision making

Kubecost’s actionable insights and intelligent recommendations empower businesses to make informed decisions regarding resource allocation, rightsizing, and cost optimization.

4. Enhanced customer value

SmartX Top Cloud can now offer a complete solution to the Israeli customers, combining their expertise in building scalable and secure cloud architectures with Kubecost’s robust cost management capabilities.


Together, Kubecost and SmartX Top Cloud are committed to helping organizations harness the full potential of the cloud while optimizing their spending habits. Through this official partnership, SmartX Top Cloud can bring added value to their customers by offering a comprehensive Kubernetes cost management solution, helping businesses achieve greater financial efficiency and maximize their return on investment.

“We are excited to partner with SmartX Top Cloud, a pioneering provider of cloud solutions. Their expertise lies in cloud cyber security and FinOps top-of-the-line solutions, enabling businesses to secure the full multi-cloud environment while optimizing their infrastructure costs and ensuring reliability and performance” said Morgan Davies, Kubecost Sr. Partner Manager.

“We are very excited to be the Israeli official partner representing Kubecost, the world-leading provider of cost-saving and management for Kubernetes environments. We look forward to working together and delivering the top cloud cost optimization services to the Israeli customers.” said Ronen Sror, SmartX Top Cloud VP Sales and Head of Cloud Division.