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Kubecost Free for unlimited clusters—is now available.


Today we’re proud to announce one of our most requested features—Kubecost Free for unlimited clusters—is now available. Starting now, teams can install Kubecost on an unlimited number of individual clusters in minutes, if not seconds. You can get started at kubecost.com.

The number of Kubernetes clusters in the world is growing at a rapid rate. Often unseen, industries including automotives, fast food, and even space exploration, among many others, are adopting Kubernetes at an increasingly higher rate. The growth of clusters has far exceeded our expectations since Kubecost’s inception—we even see small teams running multicluster deployments now. It’s always been our mission to help teams of all shapes and sizes monitor costs and optimize their infrastructure, and we’re making this change to better support the realities of our users.

Kubecost Free is a comprehensive tool that provides cost monitoring and insights for any organization that runs Kubernetes. Teams are able to view real-time cost performance metrics, and inform decisions to optimize their infrastructure spending. Because Kubecost is fully deployed in the user’s infrastructure, teams retain control over access to their sensitive or confidential data.

We will continue to make major investments in every tier of Kubecost. We feel it’s deeply important for teams to be empowered with visibility into their cost data—and in this era of growing economic uncertainty, access to that data shouldn’t depend on a team’s ability to pay for it. To learn more about Kubecost and the different pricing and features of our product versions, visit here.