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This week, Kubecost and others have contributed new cloud cost monitoring capabilities to the open source OpenCost project. In 2022, Kubecost helped launch OpenCost by donating code to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Since then, OpenCost has provided valuable cost monitoring for thousands of users looking to get insight into their individual Kubernetes environments.

Providing OpenCost with new cloud cost monitoring capabilities supports our company’s vision of building an entirely open source cost monitoring solution with robust enterprise-grade features built on top. As Kubernetes reaches maturity, we have learned that teams are increasingly interested in seeing Kubernetes spend alongside all their other infrastructure costs. With expanded support for multi-cloud cost monitoring, Kubecost brings enterprise-grade features on top of OpenCost, enhancing its ability to provide comprehensive visibility and control across Kubernetes and cloud environments.

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Unlocking multi-cloud cost management

Building on OpenCost’s existing Kubernetes cost monitoring, Kubecost has introduced seamless support for monitoring and managing costs across Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. This provides a unified view of all their Kubernetes & Cloud costs across multiple cloud providers - alleviating the need to find additional cost monitoring tools and saving the time of bringing all your data together.

Boosting OpenCost with enterprise capabilities

In addition to multi-cloud support, Kubecost delivers key innovations to amplify OpenCost’s capabilities:

  • Budgeting, forecasting, and anomaly detection for cost optimization
  • Cross-cluster visibility and consolidation for centralized management
  • Saved Reports which can be automatically shared and customized
  • Proactive recommendations for cost savings
  • Custom alerts and notifications for cost oversight
  • Unlimited metric/data retention
  • Support for enterprise authentication and access controls
  • And more…

By bringing these robust features to the open source OpenCost community, Kubecost aims to make it easier for all teams to have a unified view of their infrastructure spend.

Delivering a comprehensive cost monitoring solution

Together, OpenCost and Kubecost offer a full-stack solution for monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing cloud costs. Users gain centralized visibility across Kubernetes and infrastructure spend, leveraging powerful analytics for maximizing the value of cloud investments.

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With Kubecost’s expanded multi-cloud capabilities and enterprise-grade features, OpenCost is better equipped than ever to deliver seamless visibility and control over cloud expenses. For more information on Multi-Cloud in OpenCost, see OpenCost’s blog on the subject. Get all of the OpenCost functionality and more today with Kubecost Free, and start reducing your cloud costs today!