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Kubecost is thrilled to announce a reseller partnership with Stackgenie, a leading global technology and innovation company based in the U.K. As an expert cloud consultancy group, Stackgenie is recognized by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP). Stackgenie transforms technological infrastructure into scalable and agile systems; through our partnership, Stackgenie will bring the power of meaningful cost monitoring to their customers to give them a competitive edge in the industry.

Stackgenie’s expertise include helping organizations with building and migrating cloud platforms, as well as security/DevSecOps, data analytics, and managed services. Stackgenie can provide these services to organizations between the U.K. and North America. As Kubecost expands its roster of partners, an alliance with Stackgenie strengthens our ability to reach new customers globally. Additionally, we gain a trusted consultancy and managed service partner for our clients.

Stackgenie: A Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

To become a KCSP, Stackgenie underwent a thorough vetting process in order to be recognized as a leader and expert in helping businesses adopt Kubernetes. As a CNCF Silver Member, Stackgenie offers Kubernetes support, consulting, and professional services to organizations who wish to migrate to cloud technologies or improve their existing cloud infrastructure. Their offering as a KCSP member includes:

  • Kubernetes advisory: Assessing the unique needs of a company and explaining the best way to adopt and deploy Kubernetes, as well as offer advice on industry best practices.
  • Kubernetes implementation, Support and Maintenance: Providing continuous support and maintenance after implementing and deploying applications as Kubernetes container management and orchestration can be complicated to set up and implement.
  • CI/CD pipeline implementation: Using Continuous Integration (CI) or Continuous Deployment (CD) pipelines to automate the building, testing and deployment of applications.
  • Infrastructure optimisation: Optimizing the infrastructure of existing Kubernetes-based applications to improve agility, scalability and cost efficiency.
  • Application migration assessment: Assessing existing applications’ suitability to migrate over to a Kubernetes infrastructure.

How this partnership benefits customers

As a reseller, Stackgenie will leverage its expertise in cloud architecture and deployment to deliver seamless integration and professional services for its Kubecost customers. This collaboration allows Stackgenie’s clients to benefit from everything Kubecost has to offer, including real-time cost allocation, budget tracking, resource utilization analysis, and cost optimization recommendations.

The partnership between Stackgenie and Kubecost combines the deep domain knowledge and technical proficiency of both companies. By working together, we aim to empower organizations with the tools they need to gain better visibility into their Kubernetes costs, identify potential areas of optimization, and ultimately drive significant savings.

“Through this partnership we will help U.K. and North American organizations accelerate the journey to Kubernetes monitoring and optimization,” said Morgan Davies, Senior Partner Manager for Kubecost. “We are proud to be aligned with Stackgenie and look forward to collaboratively providing solutions to their global clients.”

“Kubernetes cost optimization is a complex challenge for many customers, and Stackgenie believes in simplifying the process. With this game-changing partnership with Kubecost, we aim to enable our customers to tackle the complexities of Kubernetes cost optimization,” said Stackgenie CEO, Vinayak Kumar. “We are delighted with the Kubecost partnership. Together, we are redefining the landscape, driving innovation and delivering significant cost savings.”

We encourage everyone to learn more about Kubernetes and Kubecost by visiting our extensive Kubernetes guides. You can also schedule a personalized demo of Kubecost by contacting the Stackgenie team.