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OSC Korea banner Kubecost is proud to announce a partnership with OSC Korea, a leading Korean-based Kubernetes and digital transformation consultancy. OSC has assisted clients with architecture design, proof of concept and other custom services which will now include Kubecost’s industry-leading Kubernetes cost visibility and insights platform.

Kubecost platform

Built on Kubecost’s core open-source technology, OpenCost, Kubecost Enterprise provides real-time cost visibility and insights for teams using Kubernetes, helping organizations continuously reduce their cloud costs. Additionally, Kubecost helps break down costs by Kubernetes concepts including deployment, service, namespace, label, and more. An organization’s development team can now view costs across multiple clusters in a single view or through a single API endpoint.

Kubecost Partner Program

This partnership between Kubecost and OSC was driven by our Kubecost Partner Program. Through a selective process, Kubecost enables premier global partners to help enterprises successfully monitor and optimize their Kubernetes deployments. Together, OSC and Kubecost will deliver next-generation Kubernetes monitoring to customers through the distribution of Kubecost Enterprise.

Complete cloud and container managed services

OSC offers customers complete cloud and container managed solutions that combine open-source and cloud native technologies. The OSC OpenMSP™ consulting services’ goal is to help clients with successful cloud native transformations.

“We are honored to be part of the OSC collection of valued partners,” said Morgan Davies, Senior Partner Manager for Kubecost. “We look forward to providing Kubernetes monitoring solutions to OSC customers.” The partnership will provide Kubecost with reach to OSC’s customers; who in turn will gain access to the market leading Kubernetes monitoring platform.

By identifying a customer’s engineering resources and capabilities, presenting affordable solutions, and developing long-term partnerships, OSC creates and maintains the technological environment needed to achieve its customers’ business goals.

OSC’s CTO, Jay Kim, stated:

“OSC helps its customers succeed by understanding their needs and finding the right personalized solution. By partnering with Kubecost and other top cloud native technology vendors, OSC keeps its customers on the cutting edge and staying ahead of their competition.”

If you would like to learn more about Kubecost Enterprise in Korea, please contact OSC Korea at sales@osckorea.com or visit the OSC Korea website at www.osckorea.com